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Making Puppets in Newhaven, Region 2

Making Puppets in Newhaven, Region 2

In January, Newhaven YQ group had twelve children and ten volunteer helpers at their session making puppets. All of the group had lots of fun! Each YQ had the chance to choose two colourful felt puppet shapes (prepared by the volunteers beforehand). Then they added brightly coloured felt, ribbons, rickrack, sparkly bows and wool to their puppets. They used glue to hold these materials in place before hand or machine stitching everything in place. Finally they sewed the front and back together and added googly eyes with a glue gun (with adult supervision). In the photos you can see Erin and Dylan with their puppets (Dylan's was inspired Yoda!)

Five of the children were completely new to Young Quilters and they all said they would like go back!

Next month the group are working on a quilt for the AGM Challenge.

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