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Suffolk Puffs or 'Yo Yos'

Suffolk Puffs or 'Yo Yos'

Learn how to make a Suffolk Puff (also known as yo-yos or Sussex Puff) with the instruction sheet below.

The Quilters' Guild Collection has many items featuring Suffolk Puffs.

This Wartime Suffolk Puff Coverlet was made by Isabella Elliott (Fyfe) from 1942-1946. Can you guess how many Suffolk Puffs are in this quilt?

Check out these other items featuring Suffolk Puffs in The Quilters' Guild Collection for inspiration:

Suffolk Puff miniature quilt by Barbara Bailey

Suffolk Puff coverlet dated 1900-1925

Suffolk Puff cot coverlet

Mounted Suffolk Puffs coverlet 1980-1993

  • Suffolk Puff cot coverlet by Daisy Barry
  • miniature Suffolk Puffs by Barbara Bailey

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