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A Signature Quilt Fit for a King

A Signature Quilt Fit for a King

To celebrate the birth of royal baby George I wanted to share a signature quilt I made when my son George was born last year. It was signed by the volunteers and staff at the Quilt Museum and Gallery before I went on maternity leave. It was also signed by George's midwives and other special friends. Signature quilts were often made to commemorate special events. Here is one from 1898 from the Quilters' Guild Collection. I used fabric pens for George's quilt but you can also embroider the names.

I hope the royal baby George also has lots of quilts made for him, I'm sure he will!
Quilts have been made to celebrate special events as long as there have been quilts. To learn more about quilts made to celebrate weddings, christenings and royal anniversaries check out the Celebrations exhibition which was held at the Quilt Museum and Gallery in 2011.

  • George's signature quilt
  • midwife signature
  • welcome baby George
  • more midwives signatures
  • George with his quilt

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