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Brownie Badges - ages 7-10

Brownie Badges - ages 7-10

Are you a Brownie leader or Brownie looking for inspiring project ideas to make? Or are you a YQ volunteer looking to work with a Brownie group? Take some inspiration from these fun and simple YQ project ideas to help your group earn the following badges:

Craft badge - Make your own handled bag, have a go at African Mud cloth, design your own fabric, or sew a useful fabric fun door stop.

Hobbies badge - Make your own quilt using simple patchwork and stitching techniques.

Toymaker badge - Make your own Butterfly toy, Bunny toy, or Easter chicken to keep or give as a gift.

Artist badge - Design your own crafty Christmas greeting cards or Easter egg cards.

Brownie Skills badge - When learning how to sew on a button for this badge, why not put together a small personal sewing kit? Store your needles in this Needlecase.

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