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Congratulations to YQ Members who entered the Transport competition!

Congratulations to YQ Members who entered the Transport competition!

Thank you to all of the Young Quilters members who entered the Festival of Quilts 'Transport' competition. You did a fantastic job. Here's a message from the National Young Quilter Officer:

'What a great lot of quilts were put into the competition at Festival of Quilts. There were some amazing pieces some were funny and some really well thought out. Every one deserved a prize but as always there can only be one winner in each section, well done to everyone who took part. You can be very proud of yourselves.' - Chris Burgess, National YQ Officer

YQ members who entered the competition:

  • Rhys Walker, Region 11 - 'I sail and I love boats. My favourite transport is boats. I found pictures of boats I liked and one of my boat 5334. I chose the blue material because it looks like sea.'
  • Lily Woodward, Region 10 - 'I wanted to make a nice wall-hanging quilt for my twin cousins who will be 2 in July. ABC seemed a great idea to show different types of transport'. You can see an interview with Lily at Festival of Quilts in 2011 here.
  • Louise Briggs, Region 11 - 'I love the old mini and really want one when I'm older so was inspired to make a quilt of it. I took inspiration for the background from the winding mountain roads of Italy.'
  • Ruth Pugh, Region 13 - 'Whilst visiting London for the Olympics I loved the atmosphere and comradeship on the transport to the events. Just as the tube provided shelter in the blitz for my great grandparents, to me it gave a sense of friendship and shared experience and people coming together.'
  • Rachel Hawkins, Region 2 - 'When I was given the category Transport, I knew that this was such a wide topic. I didn't believe that just one type of transport could sum this up, so I decided to create a timeline on how transport has developed.'
  • Sam Tosh, Region 5 - 'I was inspired to make this wall hanging by a poem which I wrote on a Creative Writing course. I decided to stitch my poem onto some linen owned by my great grandmother. The poem I printed on to fabric and dyed with tea bags, to make it look ancient. I is based on a Viking landing party riding gallant ships to the shore.'
  • Rhys Walker
  • Lily Woodward
  • Ruth Pugh
  • Rachel Hawkins - 12-16 category winner
  • Louise Briggs
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