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YQ Workshops - Risks and Responsibilities and Insurance

YQ Workshops - Risks and Responsibilities and Insurance

Health and Safety

All Guild activities must operate within the Health and Safety Executive guidelines in just the same way as businesses. The Guild is therefore responsible for the health and safety of its Young Quilter members. The workshop leader is responsible for the risk assessment of the activities involved in the workshop you have devised.

Evaluate the risks of your workshop and complete a YQ risk assessment form for in person or online events. One risk assessment can be completed for multiple events, but any changes must added/amended. Please complete:

- IN16 or IN17 risk assessment with IN09 Insurance request form (both must be sent to the Guild administator)

- Covid risk assessment needs to be carried out and kept for your own record (not sent to The Guild).

- Use YQ06 Insurance checklist to make sure your workshop covered by insurance.

YQ workshops must have YQ members attending to be covered by insurance. A workshop with no members would not be covered. Non-members can attend but only if YQs are present. YQ membership is free so all children can enjoy being a YQ member.

More Advice

• Take the common sense view and don’t overcomplicate things.

• Concentrate on significant risks but remember that you are looking at risks to children.

• Once you have completed the risk assessment and identified the safety precautions that need to be put in place, the overall risk of the activity should be low.

• Please keep a record of your risk assessment so that it is available to any parents or volunteers who wish to see it.

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