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Certificate of Competence in using a Sewing Machine

Certificate of Competence in using a Sewing Machine

Margaret James, YQ Rep in Region 2, has written some guidance on the new sewing certificate.She is happy for you to contact her if you have any comments or need more information. (

Sheila Musson (YQ group leader in Region 2) designed a “Certificate of Competence in using a Sewing Machine". Please see documents below. This is not compulsory, it's only for those that want to do it. It’s important that we make this exercise as pleasant as possible, it needs to be a good experience. We don’t wont the children worrying over it. Make sure they have plenty of practice doing all the tasks on the checklist as we don’t want them failing. I suggest that they use the practice sheets without thread if the machine allows. It would also make sense that when teaching the children how to use the machines you cover the points on the checklist. This will make it easier when their ready to do with you.It would also help if your helpers over see what you are showing the YQ's. I find that more often than not the helpers struggle with things like changing a bobbing or feet as they are only used to their own machine. All this will help for your workshop to run much smoother. If you have a manual take a look at it as it will help when showing the children.

Presenting the certificate - please print it off on nice paper/card and put it in a frame (we got ours from the pound shop). You could, at a drinks break call the children out and present them with their certificate so the other children will want to take part. Take a photo if you have permission!

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